Defining a Microsite


A small part of an ecosystem that differs markedly from its immediate surroundings. According to Google.

Here's the Thing

We're sort of in the process of launching a new brand. And along with this we're hoping to launch a new website, because what's a new brand without a new website for us (Hint: we don't have much front facing material). But launching a new site takes a while, especially when you consider the amount of content that has to be transitioned from our current site. So we decided to try something a bit different... But of course you can't start without first doing some research...

Our Audience

The first thing we looked at as an entire Creative Team is who actually goes to the website, right now. We looked at the content we had, some analytics, and we even created some personas. At which point we quickly realized that the CaseIT site had three major stakeholders: sponsors, competitors, universities. These were people who regularly visited our site to gather all the information they may be interested in.

We're still a few months away from the actual "week of CaseIT" (competition week). Realistically right now the Organizing Committee is doing preparations for the competition week. The creative team is doing prep work like making brochures, name tags & posters. The entertainment/hospitality team is looking into all the awesome venues and hotels for our team and more importantly, our guests. There's also logistics which does logistics stuff. But we also have this really awesome team which handles all our sponsors. Ah ha! SPONSORS!


We love our sponsors. Without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Trust me when I say that without our sponsors there would be no CaseIT. So how exactly does this relate? Well, we wanted a way to show the new branding that we've been working on. And since our primary visitors right now to the website are sponsors, we figured we would deliver our new brand to an audience that matters now. Thus, the CaseIT Sponsorship Microsite was born.

Sponsorship Microsite

screenshot of microsite With a microsite, we are able to get our new branding out at a much faster pace compared to completely re-vamping the existing site (btw, we're still working on the main site). But the other important aspect of a microsite is that it really only has one purpose, to deliver a single message in an impactful way.

Making an Impact

Typically companies use the concept of a microsite to feature or launch a new product/service. For example, Bell used the concept of a microsite to promote their new HSPA/LTE network. While it contains usually the same branding/stylistic elements, it is lacking a lot of the other "stuff" that is associated with a normal website. This isn't an accident. They want you to focus on that one thing the microsite is selling: Bell's HSPA/LTE Network.

In our case, we're not that much different, we want visitors to the sponsorship microsite to focus on one thing: Why they should sponsor us. It just so happens that we're also using it to showcase our new branding.

If you haven't already, take a gander: CaseIT Sponsorship Microsite