Welcome to our Blog!

We are delighted you are here. This is our not so private space to track and share the process, ideas and stories throughout our journey to rebrand CaseIT 2016.

Our Team

You will get to know us more as we each post our own findings and discoveries throughout this process but before that begins here is a short 140 character (or less) bio to help you get to know us more.

Bruce Beh An interactive technology designer who loves photography, all things tech and marketing.

Edward Chen A UX Designer who loves design, photography, tech, supercars, and other cool stuff.

Solomon Hsu A photo-videographer passionate in helping people connect with their goals and values through his area of growing expertise.

Maheen Sohail A passionate and hard working UX Designer, who is always looking for new environments, and exciting challenges.

Edwy Woo A graphic designer creating tailored products through branding and UI.

What do we do?

We're part of the new CaseIT 2016 Organizing Committee. Mainly we look after the Media, Marketing and Technical side of things. We are also all current students attending the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at SFU.

What is CaseIT?

CaseIT is an annual international undergraduate business case competition with a strong Management Information Systems (MIS) focus designed to find the best and brightest in strategic IT case analysis. It is a forum where students from various backgrounds of IT and business can showcase their skills in areas such as teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking to a panel of industry professionals.

What is the School of Interactive Arts + Technology?

SIAT is an interdisciplinary research focused school where technologists, artists, designers and theorists collaborate in innovative research and immersive study