Dear Diary, I work with good looking people.

Hi, I'm Solomon, and I made them create a new position on the organizing committee (for the sake of fighting arthritis, I will type OC in place from here on out) for me. I kid, I kid. I am the new Director of Photography this year, which is a brand new position, so there's something special in that. My previous experience with CaseIT was hearing decent to great things about it, and then shooting the official portraits of CaseIT 2015's OC. That led to the team inviting me back to shoot the actual event. It was a great way to get exposure to what CaseIT was.

This year, my role will be documentation of things for things in a nutshell. Portraits, videos, photos, animations. So far, I've done two of those four things, but because they overlap, I've technically only done one. Let's talk about that one/two things I did so far.

The Photoshoot

Initial talks with the creative team (I'm still not sure what that term comprises of within this OC; is it strictly M&M, or do Bruce and I fall into this group as well? I think the latter; hopefully this doesn't lead to any premature firing of any sort for failure to understand group heirarchy <3), it was determined that we need a clean slate backdrop; my mind instantly thought to the green room, but knew of the limitations it came with, such as lack of space for a quality group photo.

Location scouting was good; gathered enough ideas to throw around, but in the end it really didn't matter because mother nature is a dragon and breathes fire on forests. Vancouver got smogged up the week we planned to have our photoshoot. The pristine blue skies were no more, and on the morning of the photoshoot, I awoke to a grey sky.

So, the green room it would have to be.

And the individual portraits turned out great I think. Everyone has been gracious enough to not take to my face with their opinions. The cover photo is everyone on the OC. Wave at your screen, and I'll look at the analytics and tell the team who got more waves. No, I'm kidding. I won't do that. I can't do that. But maybe Bruce can.

The animated GIFS you see above are a proof of concept, that CaseIT people CAN have fun. Also I wanted to breath some life into those forever-smiling faces. Corporate headshots can only go so far.


The first set of photos were shot on the 50mm f/1.8 at f/2.5 to get a shallower, more personal depth of field look. The light was coming from an octagonal softbox, positioned like so:

This is so that the light that comes out of the softbox is softer than it would coming straight out. This technique is known as feathering, and I like it a lot. The shadow fall off from one side of the face to the other side is much more gradual, like the light caresses the face. Ignore that comment. Ignore this whole post if you have to.

The second set of photos, which appear in the gifs, were shot on the 24-105mm f/4 at f/4 (focal length varied, but not wider than 35 and not tighter than 70 for sure). I used the same light, but shot it from high up, angled about 60° from flat horizontal, to get a more fashun, flat blown out look on their face:

That's it from me for now. You'll hear back from me when I contribute in a big way sometime in the future (near future, I hope).